Science and technology are important foundations of our civilization. Since its beginnings in 1959, the VDW has been committed to and campaigning for responsible science.

Who we are

The Federation of German Scientists (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler, VDW) is a network of scientists from various academic disciplines, who critically reflect on their responsibility for the effects of their scientific research and technical development, and who use their expertise to actively take part in the social debate on topics including peace, climate, biodiversity and economy.

Our objectives

Science and technology are important foundations of our civilization and our culture. However, still far too few scientists are concerned with the social impacts of their work, especially when their results get into the political and economic force fields. The VDW confronts this deficit with an active discourse.

Our values

Independence, non-partisanship, transparency, responsibility and solidarity are in their entirety basic principles of the VDW. We aim to integrate these values credibly into the scientific discourse.